b. 1978. Asheville, NC, USA.

Casey Lance Brown (b. 1978) is an American multidisciplinary artist who studied at Duke University, Harvard Design School, and as a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. His work often reveals the perverse ways in which human systems use, disuse, and adapt to the planet’s surface. His composite imagery results in large format, expansive scenography which has been exhibited/collected in the U.S., Italy, Russia, UK and Switzerland. 

Recently, Brown's subject matter has been a photographic series on abandoned drive-in theaters called "Memoirs of a Screen". This series was included in the outdoor exhibition The FENCE 2016 for the southern edition, extended to Art On the Atlanta Beltline in 2017. Brown’s broader abandoned infrastructure series was also included in group exhibitions at Millepiani in Rome (Modules, 2018), MINT Museum in Atlanta, GA (2016), Scope Art Fair, Vol. 5 in Miami (2015), Brick Lane Gallery in London (2015), and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO (2014) . In 2011, Brown completed the Rome Prize fellowship by exhibiting a vast research and photographic project on abandoned maritime villas of the Roman empire at the American Academy in Rome titled "Landscapes of Speculation". 

Brown creates freelance branding imagery for commercial brands such as Betabrand, non-profit entities like Folkmoot International Dance Festival and DanceARIS in western North Carolina. He has served as an art and design critic at various universities including M.I.T., Harvard Design School, Clemson University, University of Tennessee, and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Lastly, Brown serves as the research director for P-REX, a design think tank at MIT.


2005       M.L.A., Harvard University, Graduate School of Design                                                                   w/ Distinction /Charles Eliot Traveling Fellowship

2001        B.A., Duke University, Art History / Earth + Ocean Sciences (minor)                                              w/ Distinction /Summa Cum Laude                                                                                           



2017        REGIONAL ARTIST PROJECT GRANT. North Carolina Arts Council.                  

2016        THE FENCE. Selected Artist, GA Edition.                                                              

2015        Moscow. International Foto Awards, Memoirs of a Screen                                

2015        Fine Art-Landscapes. Int'l Photography Awards, Memoirs of a Screen              

2015        Fine Art- Honorable Mention. Fine Art Photography Awards, London, UK        

2010-11    Rome Prize. Fellow, School of Fine Arts, American Academy in Rome               
2009       Mobility After the City. Toyota Research Inst. of North America (w/ A. Berger)
2009       Finalist, Reburbia.  Intl. Design Competition. Dwell Magazine +
2008       Le Grand Pari de l’Agglomération Parisienne. Team Selection. France
2006       Reclaiming Extractive Landscapes.  US EPA, (w/ A. Berger, P-REX/MIT)
2005       Harvard Vision of Sustainability 2020: Art and Design Competition    
2007       Charles Eliot Traveling Fellowship. Top Ranking Graduate, Harvard University
2004       Janet Webel Prize for Excellence in Design. Top Honors, Harvard University
2001        Benenson Award in the Arts. Top honors, Duke University Art Department        


EXHIBITIONS Visual Art (selected)


Perspectives: AMERICA. VA


[un]INHABITED. Bridgewater, VA                                                                                            MODULES. Millepiani, Rome, Italy 


LANDSCPAES + SEASCAPES. 311 Gallery, Raleigh, NC.                                                     

ART ON THE ATLANTA BELTLINE. Atlanta, GA.                                                                    SMOKY MOUNTAIN ARTS FESTIVAL. Swain Arts Center, Bryson City, NC.       

THE BIG PICTURE. (Denver, CO and select cities).                                                     


THE FENCE. Georgia Exhibition, Atlanta, Savannah, & more, GA.                                  MOSCOW FOTO AWARDS. Landscape + Cityscape. Moscow, Russia                                 ACAS. Lincoln Center. Contemporary Art Survey. Fort Collins, CO.                                   WHERE WE ARE GOING/ WHERE WE HAVE BEEN. MINT Museum, Atlanta, GA.          


SCOPE ART FAIR, VOL. 5. Miami.                                                                                      LANDSCAPE: RURAL vs. URBAN. Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK                                     

CITY AND BEYOND COLLECTION. Fifth Annual Exposure Awards. Paris, France              NORTH CAROLINA ARTISTS. Selected Artist, Elder Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC       

TRACKING. Photographic Series in LA+Tyranny (Journal)                                                


VISUAL NARRATIVES. Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO                         

BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2013. Photographer’s Forum (Book + Online)                      


STORY OF THE CREATIVE 2013. See.Me Gallery, New York City                                    


LANDSCAPES OF SPECULATION, American Academy in Rome, Italy                                GALILEO on the Gianicolo, Video w/ P Rudy & E Eckert. American Academy- Rome    


WNC Landscape Photography. Interpretive, Brevard, NC                                                


EXHIBITIONS Design (selected)

2016       FUTURE OF SUBURBIA. Center for Advanced Urbanism, MIT. Cambridge, MA   2014       IABR: URBAN BY NATURE. International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam         2013       URBAN BORDER, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, China  

2011        THICK BORDER, Institute for Wishful Thinking (IWT, Online)                                

2010       ENVISIONING ORGANIZATION: Architecture and Information. Knowlton, OSU
2010       HYDROCITY: A Symposium on Hydrology/Urbanism. (w/ A. Berger) Toronto
2010       REBURBIA:  A Suburban Design Competition Big Box Biofuel, Dwell/Inhabit
2009      LE GRAND PARI(s)  Porous City, Cite d’le Architecture (w/ Studio 09), Paris
2006      DROSSCAPE: Wasting Land in Urban America. (w/ A. Berger), Harvard
2005      HARVARD Vision of Sustainability 2020. Harvard University
2004      STUDIOWORKS Annual Exhibition.  Harvard University, GSD
2003      STUDIOWORKS Annual Exhibition.  Harvard University, GSD                          
2002      Permanent Logo Design, Folkmoot USA-State International Festival, Non-profit  


“First in Time Is First in Line” LA+ Time. UPenn,  forthcoming 2018.

“Interburbia” (w/ A. Berger, K. Laberteaux) in Infinite Suburbia. Ed. A. Berger, J. Kotkin. New York, NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 2017. 232-246. 

“The Rise of Stateless Space” in LA+ Tyranny. UPenn, 2016.

"Metabolic WasteBelts" in Archis 1: Volume 47, w/ Center for Advanced Urbanism, 2016.

“Landscape Switching” (w/ Holmes, R) Kerb 22: Journal of Landscape Architecture, 2014.

“Where Americans Live: An Environmental and Geographical Tally” (w/ A. Berger, C. Kousky, K. Laberteaux, and R. Zeckhauser). Harvard Journal of Real Estate - Navigating Investments with Ethical Risk, 39-50, 2013.

“Chernobyl” in Encyclopedia of Energy, ed. M. Pierce, Golson Media: Salem Press, 2012.

“A New Systemic Nature For Mussolini’s Landscape Urbanism” (w/ A. Berger) in Dirt, ed. M. Born, H. Furján, and L. Jencks, with P. M. Crosby. PennDesign; Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2012, pp. 252-261.

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“Digital simulation and reclamation” (w/ A. Berger) in Designing the Reclaimed Landscape.  Ed. A. Berger.  New York, NY: Taylor and Francis, 2008.  117-124.

“Open-pit opportunities: pre-mine design strategies” (w/ A. Berger) in Designing the Reclaimed Landscape. Ed. A. Berger. New York, NY: Taylor and Francis, 2008.  125-128.

“Re-seeding Nansha” in Nansha Coastal City: Landscape and Urbanism in the Pearl River Delta. Eds. A. Berger and M. Crawford. Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2006.



Berger and Kotkin. Infinite Suburbia. PAPress, 2017. Multiple mappings.

“Virgil, Pietro Da Cortona, and the Heroism of Aeneas,” by Michael J. Putnam. Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 59/60: 2014/2015.

SeeMe Online Featured Artist Gallery.

Brash, Hand, and Orff. Gateway: Visions for an Urban National Park: PAPress, 2011, 191. 

American Academy in Rome Fine Arts Index, 2010-2011.  <>

“Leading Thinkers and Doers” Summer/Fall 2010, v.63:3. Clemson World Magazine.  

“Best Architecture of the Decade” Jan 2010. Mammoth.  <>

MacDonald, J. and H.G. Clarke, eds. Studioworks 10. Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University, 2004. 



2017       Hyperloop One Competition.  Juror       

2016       UTennessee-Knoxville.  Critic        

2015       Center for Advanced Urbanism (M.I.T.)  Critic                                                         

2014       DREDGEFEST - Louisiana. Speculative Design Workshop, Lectures                  

2014       Center for Advanced Urbanism (M.I.T.)  Lecture                                                    

2013        Media Lab (M.I.T.). Lecture                                                                                      

2013        Media Lab (M.I.T.)  Reader/Critic, DUSP                                                                 

2012        Duke University.  Field Trip Adjunct, Geomorphology                                          

2012        Oslo School of Architecture & Design (Norway). Critic/Workshop                      

2011         Harvard University (GSD).  Critic
2011         American Academy in Rome. School of Fine Arts
2010        M.I.T.  Reader/Critic, DUSP
2008       Clemson University.  Lecture, Digital Rep.
2008       Oslo School of Architecture & Design (Norway).  Critic/Workshop
2007       Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark).  Visiting Lecturer/Critic
2006       Harvard University (PREX2).  Conference Presenter/Panelist
2006       Harvard University (GSD).  Lecture, Digital Rep.
2005       Yale University.  Critic, School of Architecture



2011        Terragrams Feature     Delivering the Landscape Series, Switzerland
2009      Jim Self Center on the Future        NPR News/ETV SC